On January 12 1998, The British Medical Association warned in a report to Members of Parliament in London that all raw meat should be considered infected and a possible source of food poisoning.

"The current state of food safety in Britain is such that all raw meat should be assumed to be contaminated with pathogenic organisms," the report said.

The BMA report went on to record that the number of cases of food poisoning was at its highest ever in 1997. One million people infected by salmonella or E. Coli 0157 bacteria. 200 people died as a result.

"The only safe approach for the food industry and general public is to treat all raw meat as infected and adopt universal precautions in handling and cooking raw meat," the report concluded.

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(21st August 2003)

The Meat and Livestock Commission
(website address
has just launched a bid to get this website
shut down in a censorship bid thinly disguised
as a domain dispute. The MLC claims it owns
the words "british meat". We have responded.